A Look Inside the Taiji Slaughterhouse.

This is from 2010, but it’s still relevant and shows exactly what they’re trying to hide.

On October 11, 2010 a pod of dolphins were driven into the cove. The following day, I saw these beautiful creatures swim into the cove and come out dead bodies. The fishermen are very careful to hide the evidence of their actions, hiding the bodies under tarps and keeping people from filming the slaughter. But on this day I got lucky and managed to get close up photos of the fishermen cutting up the dolphins inside the slaughterhouse. They left a door slightly open, and I stuck my camera under it. One of the fishermen eventually spotted me from the grocery store across the street and shut me down, but I got them cutting off the dolphins’ fins and chopping up the torsos. It was one of the hardest things I have ever seen and I will never be the same. This is the footage I collected over those two days.

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Japanese Coast Guard assists Taiji dolphin hunters



Taiji - Activists say that a pod of bottlenose dolphins fought for six hours to escape being captured before Taiji fishermen – with the help of the Japanese Coast Guard, wrestled the exhausted dolphins into submission.
“In 3 years of being here I have never seen the likes of this,” wrote animal activist Martyn Stewart on his Facebook page. Stewart, a sound recordist, is in Taiji to document the dolphin drives that run from Sept. to March every year in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan.

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Free fax link inside the article to try to help save this pod of dolphins.

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The Dolphin Project team arrives in Taiji

The Dolphin Project team arrived has in Taiji, 32 people from 5 continents, all dedicated to stopping the dolphin slaughter that officially begins tomorrow on Sept. 1st. 
Meanwhile, protesters from around the globe have begun to celebrate Japan Dolphins Day in their cities. Stay tuned for more updates!” 

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You can follow updates via their Twitter and Blog.

Wishing the best of luck to these guys. xx 

Dolphin shows: Great fun or immoral and outdated?


Activists have accused a Hong Kong theme park of “dolphin slavery,” but the park says it knows what it is doing

The main attraction at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is a dolphin show with an earnest message about humans and animals living in harmony. 

Yet, David Wong of Hong Kong animal rights group Animal Earth says the shows are “detrimental to moral thinking.”

“Animal shows distort people’s view of animals’ natural behavior. The very act of capturing the animals strip people of all respect that they may have for animals.”

The organization will participate in a protest on August 26 against “dolphin slavery” at Ocean Park, together with Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society and Animal-Friendly Alliance.

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